Tatua Center is a specialized dispute resolution center focusing exclusively on credit-related issues in the financial services sector.

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Know Who We Are

About Tatua Center

Tatua Center is a specialized dispute resolution center focusing exclusively on credit-related issues in the financial services sector. We are committed to providing aggrieved parties with access to affordable, efficient, and fair resolution processes.

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    Our Vision

    Africa’s premier financial services dispute resolution center.

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    Our Mission

    To enhance business through efficient management of disputes in financial services


Dispute resolution

Welcome to our dispute resolution organization! Your feedback is important to us. If you have any concerns or disputes that need resolution, please feel free to lodge a complaint with us. We are here to help you find a fair and satisfactory solution.

Establishment of Tatua Centertitle_icon

The premier financial services dispute resolution center in Africa.

Tatua Center was established in November 2014 to resolve all Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) related disputes between consumers, lenders and CRBs. The service was available to CIS Kenya members and their clients, at no cost to disputants. Tatua has executed this mandate with significant success with an average of 200 disputes resolved per year, some having been already filed in court. With extensive experience and demand from the industry, Tatua decided to increase the scope of its services in 2022 to include all credit related disputes at a minimal fee to both credit providers and consumers. Tatua has empanelled a pool of mediators and arbitrators who have extensive experience in the financial services industry to achieve better outcomes.


Team of experienced Mediators and Arbitrators

CRB-related disputes often stem from inaccuracies in credit reports, identity theft issues, debt disputes, late payments or defaults, credit score discrepancies, and unauthorized inquiries. These disputes can significantly impact an individual's creditworthiness and financial standing. To address these challenges, Tatua has assembled a team of experienced mediators and arbitrators from the financial services sector to ensure fair and effective dispute resolution.

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    Solution Oriented

    We meticulously analyze each case, identify key issues, and develop solutions while keeping the bigger picture in mind.

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    It is a Win-Win

    We understand that prolonged disputes can be costly, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. We work towards solutions that are fair and leave all parties feeling satisfied, even if compromises are necessary.

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    Our goal

    Our goal is to facilitate fair resolutions that benefit all parties involved and promote financial stability and success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in resolving credit-related disputes effectively.

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    We offer a range of valuable services to assist individuals and businesses in resolving credit-related disputes and achieving financial stability

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